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Advisory services
We've got over 20 years' experience in the public sector, doing strategic and operational work, so we can help you out with a lot of different types of projects; AND we're not scared to get hands on - in fact we love it.
Financial reporting & compliance
Not everyone loves numbers. We work with you to build reporting templates that cater to different stakeholder needs. We have created custom Board reports, internal management reports, variance reports and Statutory accounts.
Compliance, though a little dry is key to good governance. We can assist with policy and procedure development and review.
Virtual CFO
Sometimes you just need a little extra support - we can be there to support you as little or as often as you need.
Why not consider outsourcing your monthly reporting to us, so that you can focus on the big picture?
Financial modelling and analysis
We love financial modelling and analysis. We have extensive experience in building financial models such as costing models, pricing tools, and business case financials. We analyse historical and current trends to predict future performance.
This is a space where we like to leverage the power of systems with the logic of processes.
We have strong experience in Finance One and Enterprise Budgeting, including XLOne reports, ETLs, Publisher.
Software design
We have experience in designing software - we can support you to scope software functionality and design custom software solutions.



Not your typical accountants, more like problem solvers.


Founded in 2018, and with 30 years+ experience between us, we support our clients to achieve the things that matter to them. Our approach is unique and complementary - we let our work speak for itself.



To have clients choose us because of their trust in our ability to create value.



Be honest, ethical and act with integrity

Support our clients to achieve their goals

Value quality over quantity

Create value

Work smarter, not harder and help others do the same






We have designed and developed two cloud-based applications.


In our view planning is the cornerstone to creating realistic budgets, financial stability, and long-term sustainability. Too often we see organisations jump into activities with gusto but without proper structure and without connecting the dots. The inspiration for planEd came from a desire to help education providers with planning and connecting the important aspects of delivery.


We have built a LOT of costing tools over the years. We can see that there is a strong need for businesses to be able to cost and price their goods and services in a consistent, methodical and flexible manner. The pricEd initiative was born from a desire to offer businesses a platform where they can easily build out the cost of creating products and services, whilst at the same time determining customer price.

Connect the core elements of education delivery for your organisation and plan your activity as part of your budget or forecast process.


Key features:

  • Customise field names

  • View viability by course

  • Multiple filters and sort capability

  • Version control

  • Single sign-on option*

  • Customise chart of accounts so that data is budget ready

  • Audit logs

  • Upload attachments

  • Configure workflows or don’t

  • Export your data into Excel






Setup course profiles for delivery.



Allocate your corporate overheads to individual courses through a number of predefined cost drivers. This can be done in a number of ways. For example – by department, cost category, by role, by activity, etc.

course delivery.png

COURSE delivery plan

Create as many course delivery plans as you like for each course profile.



View key metrics on the dashboard. You can filter on a number of parameters to review performance. The dashboard will also highlight any areas of concern.

teacher profiles.png


Allocate your teachers to individual courses. The same teacher can be allocated a number of times as long as they have an available load. Identify and enter any new roles through the process.



Download or export your finalised budget data, ready for import into your budget system.


Choose from our standard suite of costing and pricing tools.

  • Save time - save time by utilising one of the six available tools 

  • Cloud based - cost your delivery in minutes from anywhere, without the usual headaches of Excel spreadsheets (version control, file corruption)

  • Eliminate guesswork - price your courses without the guess work

  • Configure multiple overhead and margin rates for each tool

  • Export - export your costings to Excel for further manipulation or easy attachment to your Budget

  • Central repository - View all records in one place at the click of a button

  • Record competitor pricing with ease

  • Due diligence - Opt in for approval workflows to improve due diligence

  • Enjoy up to 8 hours of Iuvo Group support to remove the pain out of your set up

Available tools



Use this tool to evaluate the cost and price delivery related to accredited VET courses. This tool considers dual courses.


short courses

Use this tool to evaluate the cost and price delivery related to short courses.



Use this tool to evaluate the cost and price delivery related to accredited HE courses.


international projects

Use this tool to evaluate the cost and price delivery related to international projects. This tool considers pricing currency and exchange rates.



Use this tool to itemise and cost materials related to course delivery. This tool considers GST impact on individual items.



Use this tool to evaluate the cost and price delivery related to commercial projects.




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